Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are available in solar, low voltage or mains powered setups supplied and installed. The majority of our automatic gate openers are Italian made for quality and reliability. Our experience and knowledge in auto gate systems will help us determine the best option for your property.

What we offer:

Yarra Valley Gates can offer gate automation solutions tailored to suit your requirements. With over 25 years of electronics experience we pride ourselves on our technical knowledge ensuring a high standard of workmanship. Warranty and ongoing technical backup is also provided with our automatic gate openers that we install. At Yarra Valley Gates you will always receive an honest, reliable and personalised service.


Nice and BFT Italian gate automation systems and now available to purchase through Yarra Valley Gates.

Automatic Gate Options:


Battery Backup


Electronic and Electro-magnetic Locks


Additional Remotes


Automatic in-ground exit loops


Intercom Systems


Bluetooth Phone Activation


Safety Lights


Safety Beams as a safety device to prevent a gate closing on a vehicle (auto-close)


Digital Key Pad (coded access)

Option: Electronic Lock with Gate Automation!!!

The electronic lock automatically locks when the gate closes and then electronically gets released when the gate opens. Great for adding extra security to your property.

8 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an Automatic Gate Installer:

  1. Is there product backup and support from the installer?
  2. Do they offer onsite warranty repairs
  3. Are they qualified in electronic systems?
  4. Is the auto gate system installed correctly?
  5. Do they meet all manufacturer’s specifications or will your warranty be void due to incorrect installation?
  6. How well do they know the gate automation industry?
  7. If so, do they understand what setup and brand is best for the customers requirements?
  8. Are they knowledgeable about the latest technology in gate motors ensuring smooth and reliable operation?

If you have an existing gate and would like it automated, the factors to consider are:

  1. Is it a single gate or a pair?
  2. How wide and heavy is the gate?
  3. Are your gate posts sufficiently strong enough?
  4. Do the gates swing freely?

Solar powered automatic gate

Sometimes the best option for rural locations where mains or low voltage power may not be feasable.

The importance of battery backup with gate automation installs:

  • Firstly, battery backup does not come standard with most gate automation systems
  • Therefore, we recommend that a battery backup is fitted at time of install
  • Battery backup is important especially if you are in an area that experiences regular power outages
  • However a back up battery will give you some run through time in the event of a power outage
  • Keeping in mind, battery backup will last depending on the amount of gate operations and the battery capacity
  • Most importantly customer’s need to know how to manually override the opener
  • Manual overide is important when there is a prolonged power outage or you want to keep the gate open or closed indefinitely
  • Given these points it is important to weigh up costs against practicality and convenience

Automatic gates are ideal for:

  • Add extra security on your property
  • Decide who can enter your property through access control
  • Extra security confining children and pets within your property
  • Improving your property investment
  • The convenience of opening and closing your gate in the comfort of your vehicle
  • Easily enter and exit your driveway when towing

Take a look at some examples of our Automatic & Driveway Gates in our Photo Gallery

Would you like to operate your automatic gate from anywhere in the world?

This Wi-Fi module allows you to control your gates no matter where you are, inside the house, down the street or even on the other side of the world. You can even check the status of your gate incase you don’t remember if you have closed it after leaving home.

Also available is a GSM module to remotely control your gate.